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Last updated: November 19, 2013

VIDEO: Message from Iranian FM Zarif – “There is a way forward”

Banner Icon Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has posted a video on YouTube with a message to the world that there is a way forward, out of the nuclear crisis, but that Iran demands respect for their dignity.

"It is not about stubbornness or refusal to take into account the views of others," he says in the video. "Iranians are no different from any other people on this planet we share. We expect and demand respect for our dignity."

The Islamic Republic’s top diplomat also said that for Iran nuclear energy is not about joining a club or threatening others.

“Nuclear energy is about a leap, a jump towards deciding our own destiny, rather than allowing other to decide for us. For us, nuclear energy is about securing the future of our children, about diversifying our economy, about stopping the burning of our oil, and about generating clean power. It's about Iranian nation moving forward as an equal in a new realm defined by peace, by prosperity, by progress.”

“What would you do if you were told this is not an option?" asks Zarif.

But he says that we have not hit a dead end.

"There is a way forward…The choice is not submission of confrontation. This past summer our people chose constructive engagement through the ballot box. And through this they gave the world a historic opportunity to change course. To seize this unique opportunity we need to accept equal footing and chose a path based on mutual respect and recognition of the dignity of all peoples.”

Zarif also sent a direct message to the US, saying that no power, however strong, can determine the faith of others. But he ended the video on a conciliatory note.

"The Iranian people are determined to explore this path. Join us in ending an unnecessary crisis and opening new horizons.”

Does this reflect a genuine will for peace and cooperation or are there reasons to doubt the motives and sincerity of the Islamic Republic? Share your view below!

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