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Last updated: February 5, 2014

VIDEO: Crossing the Syrian border

Banner Icon This video offers an inside view of the unofficial entry-point into Jordan from Syria, a deserted land that has suddenly come to life.

There were hundreds of them on this day. At the border crossing between Syria and Jordan, young and elders alike arrived in companionship from the desert. A 7-kilometre "no man's land" in a remote area of the Hashemite Kingdom. Aid workers approach the Syrian refugees to prevent serious accidents from occuring along the way. It's a tough journey to make, especially when you are just a small kid. As seen in the video, there are soldiers too. Carrying babies in the emptiness.

"Women and children are the ones who can not walk this distance, so we have to risk our lives to go and help them," says Colonel Hassan of the Jordanian Armed Forces.

Some of the Syrians express gratitude.

Some of the Syrians express gratitude. One woman thanks God for sending "good people" as she is taken care of by the Jordanians and foreign aid workers. Others look back at the tragedy in their homeland with great pain.

"Fifteen children die every day of hunger, not to mention the ones killed in the bombings," cries Aisha Ayash, an elderly Syrian refugee woman.

This is now the nature of the desert. An unofficial entry-point into Jordan for those who put everything at risk. There were hundreds that day, and so it will be tomorrow and the day after. Until the fighting stops, this no man's land will continue to carry the burden of humanity.

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