Last updated: February 10, 2014

VIDEO: “Because I’m Happy” in Tunisia

Banner Icon When American producer and singer Pharrell Williams’ song “Happy” – a 24 hour long video of Los Angeles residents dancing on the city’s streets – created a viral trend, Tunisians were quick to follow.

“Happy” Tunisians from Sousse, Tunis, Carthage, Monistir and Kairouan have posted videos of themselves dancing to the lyrics “Because I’m Happy” on different social media sites, receiving thousands of views.

The first video was shot in the coastal city of Bizerte showing Tunisian youth dancing on the beach and in the city’s harbour.

“This is because we're happy in spite of everything,” Fairouz, who supervised the video, told news source Magharebia. The video clip has received over 189 000 views on YouTube.

However, not everyone is pleased about the trend, according to the same source the video clips have received criticism for being “moral decay” by the more conservative religious voices of the Tunisian society, condemning the youth for dancing to the pop mogul’s song.

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Christine Petré
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