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Last updated: May 17, 2014

I have a dream. It's for you Lebanon. (VIDEO)

Banner Icon The film begins with, ”God gave us a miracle and we are throwing it away”. Gloomy words. But as you shall see, there is still a dream for Lebanon.

This documentary intends to open the eyes of the Lebanese youth to the real problems in their society. it gathers 45 carefully selected Lebanese figures who start by showing how beautiful Lebanon is and how terribly ugly we have made it.

Then it states every practical issue in their daily life: social, political, economic, ecological and humanitarian. When reaching to solutions, those who were supposed to be a solution turn out to be the real problem: The judicial system, Media and civil society.

The only solutions left are education and elections. In the end they all dream of the Lebanon they would like to have and turn with a direct message to the young generation and hand them the responsibility of change.

Here are some of the statements that we thought were particularly striking:

“In Brazil, in Australia, the Lebanese plant Lebanese olive trees. Lebanese pine trees, the Lebanese cedar tree. Here you can’t fine them anymore. They want to burn them and plant palm trees. I don’t know where we are heading. They might replace asphalt with desert land. They don’t want asphalt on the streets. Their morals are as black as asphalt.”

- Stavro Jabra, caricaturist

“Five children, they all emigrated. My house is sad and gloomy.”

Anonymous fisherman

“Any people who haven’t made their revolution can never build a great future. We must gather the courage to judge the past… Beloved Lebanese youth: only you have the solution. Do not believe neither USA, nor France, nor Syria nor Israel, nor anyone, nor our leaders, nor religious authorities... The solution is in your hands.”

- Farid Salma, Lebanese writer

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