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Last updated: September 23, 2014

Anonymous declares cyber war on IS (VIDEO)

Banner Icon A member of the hacktivist group ‘Anonymous’ gives an exclusive interview to France 24 where he reveals why they have declared “Operation Ice ISIS” against the terrorist group.

‘Anonymous’ takes on the Islamic State on social media “to protect those who are defenseless both in the cyber world and the real world” and to prevent propaganda, the group member states in the video. “We decided to attack their ideologies with truth and logic.”

Why did the group decide to take on IS?

“We took this initiative in order to establish two things, one, we needed the public to understand how urgent the situation is in Iraq, before the mainstream media took serious direction in reporting the ISIS threat we were one of the first to communicate it to the masses via the video we uploaded to YouTube… we also made it clear that the United States was not free of blame as it has directly and indirectly contributed to the crisis we see today. The second reason was that we needed to make sure the public knew that ISIS did not represent the Islamic region…”  

One of the concrete examples of actions include attacking the source of IS money, “We plan to attack several countries that were knowingly supporting ISIS financially including Turkey and Saudi Arabia,” the group member said. 

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