On a bike through Yemen
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On a bike through Yemen
Last updated: August 26, 2014

Yemen, beyond your imagination (PHOTOS)

Banner Icon Ting Fang grew tired of Sanaa and decided to explore the beauty of Yemen by a motor taxi.

After living in the capital city Sanaa for half a year, I grew tired of watching the same sunrise and sunset day in and day out, although the buildings outside my window dated back a few centuries in the historical old city.

"I embarked on a journey in the end of Ramadan, starting with the fertile, green southern region"

I embarked on a journey in the end of Ramadan, starting with the fertile, green southern region - Ibb, Jibla and Taiz, then stopping by in the former Yemeni capital Zabid, and to the Red Sea coast in Hodeida. On the way back to Sanaa, I decided to stay over in Manakhah where I saw the breathtaking scenery of the Haraz Mountains and the villages perched on precipitous cliffs.

The next day, I visited two villages, Hajjarah and Khutayb. The former was once chosen by the Ottomans as a strategic fortress to defend the roads from the coast to the capital, while the latter is home to a famous Ismaili shrine, which attracts pilgrims from as far as India. 

I found that the beauty of the country is beyond most people’s imagination. I was traveling mostly by shared transportation and motor taxis and the help from Yemenis was always at hand. 

Ting Fang
Ting is from China. He has lived in the UK, Switzerland, Malawi, Zambia and is currently living in Yemen. He is a recent graduate in Development Studies and is learning Arabic and looking forward to start a career in humanitarian relief.
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