Tunisian eggs, anyone?
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Tunisian eggs, anyone?
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Last updated: March 11, 2015

This is THE place to visit in the Arab world in 2015

Banner Icon The Tunisian capital has entered the National Geographic Traveler’s annual ranking of the world’s top travel destinations. Here’s why.

It seems National Geographic has been cautious enough to notice something that tourists in Tunisia have traditionally failed to see: namely that Tunis is truly an exciting place to be. Most Western tourists have quickly fled the city scene to popular resorts in Hammamet and Sousse, or jumped on the jeep straight to the Sahara desert. But now, with stability and calm back on the streets after some bumpy episodes post-revolution, Tunis is finding itself at the heart of the Arab Spring movement. That does not necessarily mean protest, but rather gradual change through democratic transition and a buzzing creative scene. Local entrepreneurs are doing their thing across the city and foreign interest is set to grow as tourists return.

“They come to discover Tunis’s past, yes, and now also its cultural energy, what Ahmed Loubiri, the organizer of international electronic music festival Ephemere, sees as a widespread ‘urge to be creative,’” explains National Geographic.

If you got the finances in order, the publication suggests a stay at The Residence Tunis, a luxurious resort inspired by Tunisia’s Arab-Andalusian heritage. It offers, among other things, an opulent spa with Thalassotherapy.