Being Muslim in the West
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Being Muslim in the West
Last updated: May 26, 2015
Intellectual colonisation

"The major problem of the Western Muslim, imprisoned-colonised, today, is the same as yesterday"

Banner Icon World renowned Muslim scholar Tariq Ramadan writes critically about "intellectual colonisation".

In the West it is by now a well established and common procedure. It has to do with creating "the Islamic problem or question" which is like an intellectual jail where the Muslims are imprisoned, with their intellectuals, imams, women, etc. This very jail could indifferently be called "democracy", "secularism", "women", "values", "homosexuality", "visibility", etc., etc., etc.

Within that jail, it is expected from the Muslim interlocutor that he strips himself from some of his principles, values and practises to the point of being still imprisoned but, furthermore, emptying himself, naked and powerless. Imprisoned, colonised, body and mind.

What is added to this alienation is that the imprisoned-colonised is complacent, smiling to his guardian who, through the manufactured procedure of "the Islamic question", celebrates him, promotes him, even decorates him. He actually hopes, from within his jail, that his guardian will give him his cell's key... Factitious freedom of the mind.

The major problem of the Western Muslim, imprisoned-colonised, today, is the same as yesterday, the colonised African, South-American, Arab, or Asian... His major problem, we said, is himself who has accepted to empty himself from himself, ending up naked, without any intellectual modesty left.

From the United States, Canada to Australia, all the way through Europe, the rationale is the same. Here come the times of the free colonised intellects.

Liberation will invariably start with a conscientious and courageous reconciliation with the self.

This post originally appeared on Tariq Ramadan's Facebook page. 

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