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Last updated: May 6, 2013
Fatma Bassiouni: Reflections on Egypt's doomed vote

"No modern civil state should have a political entity founded on a fascist platform"

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What Egypt needs is a coordinated, organized effort by its citizenry, political opposition, and civil society to boycott the current regime's proposed forthcoming parliamentary elections, COUNTRYWIDE, in the form of one, unifying act of passive resistance and civil disobedience against religious fascism, leaving only the Un-Islamic Brotherhood in the running.

If we take part in the elections, credence will be given to a procedure that is destined to be flawed and rigged, thereby playing into the hands of religious fascism, which seeks credibility through a presumed and pseudo democratic process. 

Their very presence in the political landscape is an anomaly and unconstitutional: no modern civil state should have a political entity founded on a fascist platform, religious or other, anchored in an opaque, secret society with armed civilian components and irregular militias, both of which have repeatedly incited violence in official statements, and through public record. 

The countrywide boycott of these elections will induce a procedural if not administrative crisis which the Un-Islamic Brotherhood is desperately seeking to circumvent. 

Mr. ElBaradei is demonstrating great foresight and valor when calling for a boycott of the proposed forthcoming elections. Over the course of the past two years, he has exhausted all conceivable political alternatives aimed at trying to work within the political fold, but now that the Obama Administration enters its second term things might open up. There is hope that the White House could come to its senses and stop imposing on the Egyptian populace an unwanted, illegitimate theocratic pestilence. 

The election boycott should in theory lead to the process becoming void ab initio: where the Un-Islamic Brotherhood is the only political force running, similar to the NDP autocratic policy of submitting Mr. Mubarak's candidature unchallenged for the presidency and declaring it a large-scale democratic victory. 

The views expressed in this article do not reflect those of the United Nations, the ILA, or Voice of Egyptian Women.

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