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Last updated: May 31, 2013

Beirut Harlem Shake – a milestone of stupidity

The Harlem Shake phenomenon entered Beirut this Sunday as people gathered for a video recording aiming to, well, look as ridiculous as possible. According to the Beirut Harlem Shake Facebook page around 160 people were scheduled to meet on the stairs near Port View Hotel to make a Lebanese replicate of the YouTube trend.

“Through our wars and politics, we have proved our supreme stupidity many times,” organisers wrote on the official Beirut Shake website. “Let's put a definite milestone proving who are the stupidest people on Earth by holding a giant Beirut Harlem Shake.”

Some of the reactions on Twitter included:

Lynn ‏@lnlne
Living in Lebanon and a fan of the Harlem Shake?? Then you can't miss tomorrow's HUGE Beirut Shake in Mar Mikhael!

Jade Noureddine ‏@JadeNrdn
If that BlackBerry event in #Beirut doesn't have a Harlem Shake planned I will not be convinced. #TrueStory

Ayman Itani ‏@aymanitani
participated with @leaitani in Beirut's Harlem Shake. can you spot us? ;)

Lateef Abboud ‏@lateef3abboud
Was late to d #beirutharlemshake but still managed to get my face in it ! #LikeAboss

Nader Yorke ‏@naderdagher
 was awesome! Great people indeed!

Christian ‏@ChristianHarb
...R.I.P. #GangnamStyle...

The Harlem Shake is perhaps best known as a dance move from the 1980s or a dance track by Baauer, however, it has, similar to the Gangnam style phenomenon, become an Internet meme. The trend went viral on YouTube in the beginning of February after The Sunny Coast Skate uploaded a 30 second video clip of the song Harlem Shake featuring costumed people dancing. Since then the concept has been replicated by people across the globe.

According to YouTube Trends as of the 11th of February there were approximately 12 000 “Harlem Shake” videos since the start of the month, attracting some 33 million views.

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