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Last updated: December 3, 2012

Public figures' social media response to Morsi

We have compiled and translated tweets and Facebook posts from leading politicians and public figures in Egypt to get a sense of their reactions to President Morsi's decrees.

“The president’s decisions are considered a direct upheaval against democracy and a total monopoly of power. A country that seeks solutions has a president that is pushing it towards trouble. The revolution will not accept a new dictator.”

- Hamdeen Sabahy, leftist leader of the Dignity Party who finished third in Egypt's 2012 presidential race.

“Dr Morsy has bombed the proper definition of a nation as well as legitimacy and appointed himself a ruler by God’s orders. Revolution is aborted till further notice.”

- Mohamed ElBaradei, former Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency and the founder and leader of the Constitution Party.

“The president’s decisions pull Egypt back to the old ages, destroys the nation’s law, insulting justice and fortifying what shouldn’t be fortified. God be with you Egypt.”

Ayman Nour, politician, a former member of the Egyptian Parliament, founder of the El Ghad party and chairman of the Ghad El-Thawra Party.

“The revolution stood up against the absolute one-man regime. The passing of a revolutionary demand among a pile of unjust decisions is a turndown to the revolution itself.”

- Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh, physician, a former student activist, an Islamist politician and a former leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.

“I totally agree with the President’s appointment of a new Attorney General and the holding of a revolutionary court but I totally stand against fortifying the president’s decisions against appealing because this is called absolute tyranny.”

- Mohamed Habib, former Deputy General Guide of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.

“President Morsy’s decisions express nothing but the consecration of injustice even if they were foiled under the revolution’s protection mask. They are still fuel for the revolution’s fire”

- Hamdy Kandil, media figure.

"Why to fortify the constitutional assembly and decisions made by the president? Well, to be done with the constitution as soon as possible in order to step over the absence of a constitutional state. The constitutional assembly stayed alive for two more months in order to hold concrete discussions with those who had remarks and those who quit the assembly as well.

This comes in addition to the redrafting of amendments as well as finalizing talks with the church that opposes only one amendment. It is also another way to stand against any actions to resolve the constitutional assembly by the constitutional court; pushing the country into a state of chaos. In fact, some of the constitutional court judges already declared the president’s illegitimacy as well as the decree’s termination, which in such a case means the return of the military council with its crew and policies."

- Essam Al Erian, physician and politician, the vice chairman of the Freedom and Justice party and a former member of the Muslim Brotherhood's Guidance Bureau.

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