A young Palestinian boy shows his stance
Children in Gaza participated during the festival in support of the UN bid. © Samar Abu Elouf
A young Palestinian boy shows his stance
Samar Abu Elouf / Your Middle East / AFP
Last updated: November 30, 2012

Photos from Gaza celebrations

In Gaza City, around a thousand people marched towards the UN headquarters in support of the bid on Thursday, waving flags of various Palestinian factions, including Fatah.

Gaza's ruling Hamas movement, a bitter rival of Fatah, has in recent days expressed tepid support for the UN bid, after its leadership-in-exile announced its backing.

But while the government allowed the rally to go ahead, there were no green Hamas flags to be seen among those participating, an AFP reporter said.

The vote could give a boost to President Mahmoud Abbas who faces a mounting challenge from Hamas after the Israeli offensive on Gaza, diplomats said.

Hamas welcomed the vote, calling it a "victory."

"This is a new victory on the road to the liberation of Palestine and return and we congratulate ourselves," senior Hamas official Ahmed Yussef told AFP.

Samar Abu Elouf, a Gaza-based photographer, got a first-hand experience of the euphoria and compiled her photos from the celebrations, which are presented in the slide show above.

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