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Last updated: November 30, 2014

Mideast News Cartoon 24-30 Nov

Every Sunday, we ask illustrator Hélène Aldeguer to sum up the past week's leading news stories from across the Middle East. See cartoon above and links below.

* UN takes action on women's rights. Will Middle Eastern countries join too?

* Disastrous situation in Gaza, with both floods and dire reports about the economic situation after the Egyptian blockade. Some say it's now worse than ever before.

* More pressure in EU to resume direct talks between Israelis and Palestinians: France holding vote to recognise Palestine, along with discussions in Brussels about broader EU-based recognition.
Meanwhile, Israeli Foreign Minister Lieberman offered his idea for peace: 'Pay Arabs to leave'.

* "We made mistake after mistake": Syrian activists mourn death of the revolution

* Egypt sees deadly violence during Islamist demonstrations

Hélène Aldeguer
Hélène is a blogger and student in illustration at l'Ecole Estienne, Paris.
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