#MiddleEastNewsCartoon: Nov 30 –– Dec 6
© Hélène Aldeguer for Your Middle East
#MiddleEastNewsCartoon: Nov 30 –– Dec 6
Last updated: December 6, 2014

#MiddleEastNewsCartoon: Nov 30 – Dec 6

Every Sunday, we ask illustrator Hélène Aldeguer to sum up the past week's leading stories from across the Middle East. See cartoon above and links below.
* Human rights expert Gissou Nia explores Iran’s complicated relationship with the Internet
* The #MubarakTrial caused an uproar in Egypt. One of our contributors asks if the verdict means the end of Egypt's January 25...

Hélène Aldeguer
Hélène is a blogger and student in illustration at l'Ecole Estienne, Paris.
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