Protesters marked the second anniversary of the killing of Khaled Said
Dozens of protesters remained in Cairo's iconic Tahrir Square on Wednesday after camping out following a mass demonstration against verdicts handed down in ex-president Hosni Mubarak's murder trial. © Mohammed Abed - AFP
Protesters marked the second anniversary of the killing of Khaled Said
Last updated: June 6, 2012

Dozens of protesters camp out in Cairo's Tahrir

Hundreds demonstrated across Egypt on Wednesday to mark two years since the killing of Khaled Said, a young Egyptian beaten to death by police in 2010 who has become a protest symbol.

People lined the seafront of Said's hometown Alexandria, holding pictures of people who died during the uprising that overthrew Hosni Mubarak last year.

Others demonstrated outside Said's home, or accompanied his mother and sister to visit his grave.

Said, 28, was arrested in an Alexandria internet cafe and beaten to death by policemen. His killing angered caused nationwide outrage and prompted youth activists to set up the "We are all Khaled Said" Facebook page in his memory.

The page now has two million members, and was one of the first to call for protests against Mubarak's regime on January 25 last year.

Said became the symbol of police repression and of the uprising that overthrew Mubarak.

Similar protests in memory of Said were organised in Cairo's Tahrir Square, in the canal city of Ismailiya and Assiut in central Egypt.

On Tuesday, thousands of marchers had poured into the square, in condemnation of verdicts handed down in Mubarak's trial.

Mubarak and his minister of interior Habib al-Adly were sentenced to life in prison on Saturday, but six security chiefs were acquitted of the killings of demonstrators during last year's uprising that left some 850 people dead.

Dozens spent the night in the iconic square with further protests planned in the run-up to elections to choose Mubarak's successor.

A presidential election on May 23 and 24 has narrowed to a contest between ex-Mubarak's premier Ahmed Shafiq and the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohammed Mursi.

A runoff is scheduled on June 16 and 17.

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