We are a young, fast moving, grassroots media organization – “cutting edge” to use the words of leading Middle East scholar Joshua Landis – with a rapidly expanding network of more than 800 contributors.

The Washington Post in the US, Austria’s Der Standard, France’s Courrier International and Sweden’s Dagens Nyheter – all leading publications in their respective country – have picked up our stories. Just to mention a few.

The people who write for us get exposure worldwide and help us show all sides of life in the Middle East. Join them! We welcome op-eds, analysis, features, personal pieces, photo essays, audio, video – you name it. Send us what you got and we’ll take it from there.

We look forward to working together!

Adam Hedengren

Submission guidelines

We’re really happy that you want to work with us! In order to achieve the highest possible quality in everything we do there are a few things we want you to keep in mind when writing articles for Your Middle East. 

By following these guideline, together we can create a new type of media coverage of the Middle East – unbiased, credible, inclusive and independent.

Fact checking gives credibility
* Question all information you get in your research.
* We prefer it if you can verify key information from two independent sources, although we know that it is not always possible.

Objectivity is the basis of great journalism
* Even though you are passionate about a subject you are covering, approach it with an open mind.
* Don’t let the people you interview for an article get the last say. You write the story based on your research and you should not let anyone steer the direction on the story you are covering.
* Avoid stereotyping by race, gender, age, religion, ethnicity, geography, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance or social status.
* Support the open exchange of views, even views that you find repugnant. 

Transparency creates trust
* Always state the sources of your information.
* If you have a personal stake, any type of connection or bias on the issue you write about, please let us – and the reader – know about it. We’re fine letting our writers express their opinions if that’s suitable in the article they are writing, but we need to be open with where they are coming from in order to be trustworthy.

Originality is everything
* Never plagiarise.
* You need to either be the author of all material that you submit, including photos, or have the author’s permission to use them and publish them on Your Middle East. Please provide contact details to the author if the latter applies.

We look forward to reading your story!

By submitting any kind of content to Your Middle East you accept the above and take full responsibility for following them. Unless otherwise agreed, all content submitted become the property of Your Middle East Foundation.