We’re doing what BBC, CNN and the rest of the mainstream media can’t – disrupting the global newsflow with a unique digital media about the Middle East and North Africa

”I know that my colleagues here at Human Rights Watch, my colleagues who work in journalism, policy-makers, governments all now turn to Your Middle East.”

Those are words from Sarah Leah Whitson, Director of the Middle East and North Africa division at the respected watchdog Human Rights Watch. So what is it exactly that Sarah feels so strongly about?

What we do

When you browse your daily newspaper or watch the evening news, most of what you are going to see from the Middle East has to do with violence and other forms of conflict. The region is portrayed as one with little diversity. Here at Your Middle East, we find that coverage very disturbing; it is incomplete, often biased, and lacks nuance.

We recognize the tremendous challenges facing many of these countries, and we cover those issues on a daily basis, but there is also a need to broaden the perspective. As Riz Khan points out in the video above, “We need to humanize news a bit more.”

Your Middle East is completely independent – no strings attached to any external interests. We are here to break borders and stereotypes, by helping the world better understand the reality of life in the Middle East.

We’ve covered the Gaza war from the ground, visited Salafists in Cairo who invite Christian youth to their meetings, talked to Saffron retailers in Iran, met Tunisian resistance dancers, and interviewed an atheist in Saudi Arabia. In our first 18 months of operation we have published almost 15,000 articles.

How we do it

We are a young, fast moving, grassroots media organization – “cutting edge” to use the words of leading Middle East scholar Joshua Landis – with a rapidly expanding network of more than 400 contributors.

Today, most traditional news companies struggle with expensive organizations and red numbers. That’s not what we want to do. By engaging bloggers, activists, tweeters, and combining their stories with those of established journalists, academics, and experts, we offer a much more interesting soup than traditional media at a fraction of the cost.

Ironically, this is exactly why many of the more established publications now turn to us for stories they can’t find in the news wires or from their few correspondents. The Washington Post in the US, Austria’s Der Standard, France’s Courrier International and Sweden’s Dagens Nyheter – all leading publications in their respective country – have republished or rewritten our stories. Just to mention a few.


Get in touch!

You are welcome to drop a line to our core editorial group at info@yourmiddleeast.com. We respond swiftly. For advertising and syndication matters, click here.

David Hedengren: Co-Founder & Publisher
Adam Hedengren: Co-Founder & Managing Editor
Aurore Belfrage: Chief Operating Officer
Christine Petré: Editor

Advisory Board

Imran Garda: Former news anchor and host at Al Jazeera.
Ruth Marks Eglash: Middle East Correspondent at Washington Post
Sarah Leah Whitson: Executive Director Middle East and North Africa Division at Human Rights Watch.
Ali Ansari: Professor and one of the world's leading experts on Iran.
Edward Nicholson: Formerly McKinsey/Barclays Bank.
Charlotta Sparre: Sweden’s Ambassador to Egypt.
Naava Mashiah: CEO of M.E. Links and editor of MEDABIZ.
Nathalie Besér: Journalist, analyst and Middle East expert.
Leif Stenberg: Professor and Director of CMES at Lund University.
Claes Cronstedt: Former International Partner at Baker & McKenzie.