One of Alaa’s new paintings
One of Alaa’s new paintings, containing a picture of Abdulhaleem Hafez, a legendry Arabic Singer. © Alaa Hijazi
One of Alaa’s new paintings
Last updated: April 29, 2013

We are no longer human beings but robots, says Egyptian artist Alaa Hijazi

Alaa Hijazi believes art is a craft and not a talent. Your Middle East met this award-winning Egyptian artist who has held a large number of exhibitions in Kuwait and Egypt, and talked about the impact of technology, which is central in his work.

“When you look deeply at the time we live in, you will be amazed with the amount of technological innovation we receive on daily basis, to the extent that you feel like a robot or a doll that is controlled by these technologies involuntary,” he said.

“Sometimes you think that you enjoy freedom of choice, however, technology determined your choices as well as preferences, and make you go as it wishes. Even the concept of a free man becomes a figment of imagination.”

Hijazi believes that an artist should understand the surrounding environment and the variables that impact the general taste of the public. An artist should struggle and create his own world to make others enjoy it when they immerse in it.

In his next exhibition, which will be held in Kuwait, Hijazi uses dolls to replace human beings and chose letters to replace words. He sees human beings are nothing these days but toys accompanied with letters only, describing the technology world as cold and uncolored.

When asked about the basics of determining the price of a painting, he said it is correlated with publicity which is promoted by the media.

“You will be surprised sometimes with some art works which contain nothing but nonsense, and yet it is sold for large figures.”

Jameel W. Karaki
Jameel is a copywriter based in Kuwait, he holds a Master in Public Governance in the Arab World from the University of Granada and is a regular contributor to Your Middle East.
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