Last updated: April 29, 2013

Reflection on Peres' Facebook stunt

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The lighter side of politics

Shimon Peres on Facebook
is another reminder of the lighter side of international politics.
At the age of 89, Israel's indefatigable president
seems to be engaged in another race, but where to exactly? Well, not to a political position.
Even the veteran racer understands that this is somewhat too late...
So, the brilliant leader went
to Silicon Valley, and then
to Hollywood. The likes of
Mark Zuckerberg, Barbara Streisand, Billy Crystal
and Steven Spielberg lined up
to hug and kiss him, and why not. He deserves it all!
Just a little shame, that none of
them helped shape the Facebook page before it was
launched, as some improvements could help...
In the meantime, the old
Master wins high in Israeli
public opinion polls, and many people, me included, wish he
was younger, so that he could
help Israel beyond Facebook.

Click here to visit the Israeli President's Facebook page

Josef Olmert
Dr. Josef Olmert is Adjunct Professor at the University of South Carolina. A native of Israel, he was formerly a professor of Middle Eastern Studies at Tel Aviv, Hebrew, and Bar-Ilan Universities. He has served in senior positions in the Israeli government. Dr. Olmert was a participant at the Madrid Peace Conference in 1991 and subsequent Israeli/Syrian peace talks.
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