Alborz Habibi
Last updated: October 11, 2012

Iranian Adele has a feather in her cap (VIDEO)

Perhaps it’s hard for Adele, one of the most popular singers in the world, to imagine having a staunch supporter in a country like Iran. A 13 year-old fan inspired by Adele's platinum selling hit "Someone Like You", will prove any cynic wrong.

The young and brave Iranian solo singer, known as Tara on the web, has repetitively made headlines by covering Adele's song. The video was posted on YouTube on February 29 and has received over 530,000 views.

But her appealing performance and strong voice make up only a small part of the story. She is living in Iran, a country in which female singers are banned from singing solo, which means that they usually perform in choirs.

In fact, Tara is not alone. There are dozens of underground singers around this Middle Eastern country that start their troublesome careers in early years. These girls work hard to show their Western counterparts that there is talent in the Islamic Republic too.

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