The Archeological Museum in Sousse, Tunisia.
The collection is displayed in galleries underneath the Kasbah's main courtyard. © Andrea Calabretta
The Archeological Museum in Sousse, Tunisia.
Last updated: April 30, 2013

A Tunisian museum you don't want to miss

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After a four-year hiatus for renovations, the Archeological Museum in Sousse, Tunisia’s third-largest city, has recently reopened to much acclaim. Housed inside the medieval Kasbah (itself a historic treasure), the museum showcases different eras in the history of the city—beginning with the Phoenician settlement of “Hadrumetum.” The city’s Roman era is represented by a stunning collection of mosaics, second only to the Bardo Museum in Tunis.

These tiled floorings include dramatic depictions of gods and goddesses, as well as scenes drawn from everyday life - like fishermen at sea and colorful renderings of fish, octopus, and other marine life. Additional highlights include funerary stelae bearing images of the Phoenician gods Baal-hamon and Tanit; unusual terracotta figures of the “drunken woman” of ancient Greece; and an impressive early Christian baptismal font.

The museum also contains information about Punic tombs from the 5th century BC that were uncovered in 2008 during the renovation. As impressive as the collection is, so is the hulking fortress of the Kasbah. From its garden terrace, you’ll find a panoramic view overlooking the medina all the way to the Mediterranean Sea.

5 TD entry, plus 1 TD with camera. Open Tuesday-Sunday, 9am-7pm in summer, 9am-6pm in winter.

Andrea Calabretta
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