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Nidaa Sharaara
Last updated: February 1, 2016

What Arabic media says about: Drama in 'The Voice'

Banner Icon Our 'MENA newsroom' translator looks at the coverage of Nidaa’ Sharaara's victory in The Voice.

Arabic versions of TV shows like American Idol and Dancing with the Stars are widely viewed in the MENA region. Victories in the these shows are often a source of further drama; in 2014, for example, a Syrian winner of Arab Idol refused to wear the Syrian national flag to avoid taking sides in the ongoing civil war. The social issues of the MENA region also surfaced during the announcement of the most recent winner of The Voice.


'The Jordanian Nidaa’ Sharaara is Crowned with the Title “The Voice” 2015'

Source: EREM News, December 26, 2015

The Jordanian Nidaa’ Sharaara was crowned with the title of the Arabic version of the talent show program “The Voice - The Most Beautiful Voice” in its third season. The curtain came down on (the program) Saturday evening.

Sharaara obtained the greatest portion of audience votes, surpassing the Tunisian Hamza al-Fadalawy, the Iraqi Ali Yousef, and the Lebanese Christine Sa’eed.


Shereen ‘Abd al-Wahaab (Nidaa’s coach) pointed out during the final episode of the program that the father of the winning contestant – a girl who wears the hijab – interrupted his daughter from the beginning of her participation in the program due to his lack of acceptance of the endeavor.

She said before the announcement of the results, “Despite all the glamor she saw in the program, she is still sticking to her respectable attire. And I want to say to her father, that anyone in the entire world would be honored by your daughter.”


In addition to the title, the winner obtains an official contract to issue a full vocal album.


With this victory, Nidaa’ is the first hijab-wearer to win in an international Arabic talent program.



A clip from Sharaara's performance:

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