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Last updated: July 3, 2014

WATCH: Emergency cinema from Syria

Banner Icon Abounaddara Collective is an anonymous group of filmmakers portraying the war through film clips by showing the human face of the conflict. Since 2011 the group has posted one video every Friday with the only requirement: no death. Only life.

The short movie clips show ordinary peoples’ lives in the war-torn country, from a young man entering a shop to an old man arguing that the sun rotates around the earth.

The style, which they call “emergency cinema,” has premiered at the Human Rights Watch Film Festival and one of the group’s short movies, Of God and Dogs, received the 2014 Grand Jury Prize for Best Short Film at Sundance.

The video above, The Woman in Pants, is one of the favourites of Charif Kiwan, co-founder and producer of the initiative. The video shows a former schoolteacher who refuses to swap her pants for a dress or skirt. Every day she demonstrates outside the headquarters of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria in the northern part of the country.

“This woman represents the desire of society to free itself,” Kiwan tells The Daily Beast. “We share this fight, (though) she is fighting alone, everyday she is demonstrating alone.”

Want to see more film clips from Syria? Check out the website and follow the group’s work on Facebook.

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