Kurds protest at the EU
Kurds protest at the EU
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Last updated: October 8, 2014

Twitter users across the globe react on inaction to save Kobane

Banner Icon A global solidarity movement has emerged in support of the Kurdish struggle against the extremist Islamic State. We're showing what people say on social media about the international community's inability to act.

Kurdish protesters all over the world now desperately demand military action against the Islamic State to save the city of Kobani, near the Turkey border. Protests in solidarity with the Kurdish forces have emerged in several European cities. Some 50 protesters stormed through security at the European Parliament on Tuesday, calling on world leaders to act.

Here’s what people said on Twitter:

And in Turkey tension is rising as demonstrators clash with police, demanding that the Turkish government intervene military in Kobani.

The Islamic State, which is trying to establish a Sunni Islamist Caliphate in Iraq and Syria, has tormented minorities in the region, including its Kurdish population, many of whom have taken to arms to fight back. Reports now claim about one third of those fighters are women.


The Kurdish community demands that the international community reacts and many do so through social media using hashtags such as #TwitterKurds:


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