Collage of Hassan Hajjaj's art
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Collage of Hassan Hajjaj's art
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Last updated: October 26, 2014

This North African artist gives us an edgy mix of Arab vibes and Western capitalism (PHOTOS)

Banner Icon Hassan Hajjaj’s captivating art, influenced by a unique mix of his North African heritage and British teen years, is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Born in Morocco, Hajjaj moved at an early age to London where he was influenced by the hip-hop and reggae club scene. The mix of African vibes and Western capitalism are recurrent themes in his work. 

Hassan 10.jpg

Many of Hajjaj’s photographs are a mix of bright colours and patterns and portray a variety of locals in Marrakesh. One series, Kesh Angels, portrays women in traditional dressing but with prints of international symbols of capitalism, for example the print of Louis Vuitton. Another of Hajjaj’s older series is My Rockstars: Volume 1, a set of studio portraits of the vibrant Marrakech scene.

Hassan 11.jpg

Hassan 2.jpg

“Not just musicians but the snake charmer, henna girl, bad boy, male belly dancer … I wanted to give them a backdrop and started from there,” he told The Guardian in 2012. 

Hassan 4.jpg

Today Hajjaj spends his time between London and Marrakesh.

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Hassan 3.jpg

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