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Amazing 1
Last updated: June 2, 2014

This guy made the most insane urban art in Tehran. Trust me, it'll blow your mind.

Banner Icon City life When I first saw these murals from streets all over the Iranian capital, I was speechless. I am enthusiastic enough to say that this initiative could bring (inner) peace to the people. Seriously.

And you can't live with that excitement without getting in touch with the man in charge. He is Mr. Mehdi Ghadyanloo. I chatted with him over Facebook to get a sense of why he is doing this.

What motivates you to paint these spectacular murals?

"I have a surreal mind and I saw many dreams before and in my mind I always fight with gravity of the earth and I felt that people here in Tehran need more fun in the streets, then I started to paint."

Is Tehran a city in need of colour?

"Tehran needs color much more than other cities because we don't have good urban planning here."

What's the general public reaction to your art?

"Most people like these murals. Here are so many paintings that are low quality copy of my murals that harm the street view cause they don't respect perspective, peoples' POV, and in taxis or buses I see people showing interest to my works.

Now, it's your time to enjoy Mehdi's urban art in the photo slide above.

Adam Hedengren
Adam is co-founder and editor of Your Middle East. He has studied Arabic and Middle Eastern history, and previously lived in Syria and Tunisia. He is an active voice in Swedish media on issues relating to migration policy, integration, and the Middle East. Adam is also project manager for the educational initiative
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