Tehran university campus
Tehran university campus
Last updated: March 31, 2015

Despite sanctions and turmoil, Iran leads the way in knowledge production

Banner Icon The Islamic Republic’s knowledge production stands out in a regional ranking, outpacing all Arab nations. See diagram below.

It seems that Iran, despite the sanctions, wars and regional instability, has taken great steps in advancing its knowledge production mechanisms at universities and academic institutions. Iran produced 245.221 documents between 1996 and 2013. Only Israel and Turkey had more to show for. The fourth place was occupied by Egypt with 104.784 documents.


According to SCimago Journal and Country Rank, Iran’s citation per document came second after Israel with the value of 9,15, while Turkey reached 9,07 and Israel 19,29. 

These data tell us that Iran is a country with a decisive strategy that focuses not only on military advancement but also fields such as medicine, agriculture and technology. Iran’s knowledge production and research is almost equivalent to 13 Arabian countries in the MENA region. Aside from Iran’s regional rule and ambitions in being a major power, the Islamic Republic has a clear agenda in science, economy, politics and when it comes to playing an active role in the region with its allies.

Abdalhadi Alijla
Abdalhadi Alijla is a Palestinian writer, essayist, blogger and a doctoral researcher at University of Milan. A fellow of Soliya network for dialogue and a DAAD fellow of Public Policy and Good Governance, he is connected to the Institute for Middle East Studies in Canada, the Middle East Development Network in Istanbul and the Varities of Democracy Institute at Gothenburg University.
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