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Last updated: October 6, 2014

Glocal solidarity movement rise up in support of Egypt's imprisoned freedom fighters (VIDEO)

Banner Icon Egyptian "prisoners of conscience" continue their struggle for freedom by announcing hunger strikes. Ibrahim Al-Yamani and Mohamed Sultan are two detainees whose hunger strikes have exceeded 200 days. Through their actions, they have managed to rally support both within Egypt and abroad.

“The detainees who have joined #TheStruggleOfEmptyStomachs (#معركة_الأمعاء_الخاوية) are facing injustice and abuse,” activists write on a YouTube channel, adding, “The health condition of some of them, such as Mohamed Sultan and Ahmed Douma among others, is critical. They could not however find another way to protest except by risking their own lives.”

"Eid in prison"

According to the campaign, others have joined both inside and outside detention centers in solidarity with the prisoners. The number of hunger strikers in detention has reached 104, activists claim, while those outside, who stand in solidarity by going on an open ended, partial or symbolic hunger strike reached 1,000 throughout last month until the 24th September 2014.

Earlier in September, Al Ahram reported that seven liberal and leftist parties joined ongoing hunger strikes against the controversial Protest Law. The related hashtag #الحرية_للجدعان also trended on Twitter in September and gained renewed force during Eid celebrations:

The hunger strikers in prisons and those in solidarity with them are demanding the following:

* The abolition of the Protest Law
* Releasing the prisoners of conscience
* Ending pretrial detention
* Improving conditions inside detention places

In the clip above, we are reminded of the names of the detainees and their demands. In the words of the activists behind the campaign: "We also remind you of the stories about the detainees because #TheDetaineesAreNotNumbers. The struggle continues."

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