Last updated: August 6, 2015

Crude living on oil in Syria (MINI-DOCUMENTARY)

Banner Icon Watch Rozh Ahmad's 'Crude Living on Oil', a short documentary filmed and produced in 2014 about Syrians working on homemade oil refineries in a frontline village trapped between various rival rebel groups.

Locals desperate to survive through the civil war in a frontline village of northeast Syria set up homemade oil refineries to make a living on crude oil, exposing themselves and the environment to toxic fumes.

Here are some of the photos journalist Rozh Ahmad took during his visit in 2014 (also see full video clip above): 




Rozh Ahmad
Rozh Ahmad is a journalist based in Paris. He grew up in England but has his roots in Iraq’s Kurdish region. In the last three years, Rozh has reported from and about Kurds in Europe, Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria for various English and Kurdish publications.
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