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Last updated: May 8, 2015

A photographic sugar rush of Beirut

Banner Icon Willy Wonka is in Beirut! ...OK, no, he isn't. But Matt Crump was here! Which is (almost) the same thing.

For volume 24 of Plastik Magazine, creative director Ryan Houssari collaborated with 'candy-colored' photography minimalist Matt Crump for the photo-series #minimalBeirut, proving that there's oh-so-much fun you can have playing with a context that hasn't met its creative potential yet. Beirut.

Each photo includes socio-laden icons, but refreshingly, none demand debate desperately. (Oh, the beauty of minimalism.)

Plastik Magazine writes on its Facebook page about the series: "A population of 3 million, 18 religions and 25 years of war have formed a thick social fabric – layers upon layers that have blinded us from seeing its beauty. We stripped down Beirut to show its true colors. Our city has never looked so vulnerable."

Enjoy the sugar rush.











A version of this post also appeared on Bana's blog.

Bana Bissat
Bana is a Beirut-based regular contributor to Your Middle East. Visit Bana's website
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