Youngsters in a suit
© Humans of Tripoli
Youngsters in a suit
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Last updated: May 12, 2014

A human window to Libya’s Tripoli (PHOTOS)

Banner Icon Humans of Tripoli, like its predecessor Humans of New York and its many replicates, aims the camera lens at everyday people on the streets of Tripoli.

Humans of Tripoli was established in 2014 by photographer Emad Gaidi. It was originally only posting photos on its Facebook page, which today has almost 13,000 admirers, but the project has since then grown. Today there is a website, a Twitter account and a Tumblr page.

One of the obstacles that the project faces is including all fragments of society. The organizers have already received questions about representation; few photos show the city’s women. But many women are reluctant to have their photos published online, “it is kind of hard here to take photos of women, but we are still trying,” the group told Your Middle East.




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