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Fast Facts
Official Name: Republic of Yemen
Population: 24,3 million (UN, 2010)
Capital: Sanaa
Government: Republic
Leaders: Ali Abdallah Saleh
Religion: Muslim majority, including orientations such as Shaf’i (Sunni) and Zaydi (Shia)
Languages: Arabic
GDP: $63.4 billion (CIA 2010 est.)
GDP/Capita: $2,700 (CIA 2010 est.)
Main exports: Crude oil, coffee, dried and salted fish, liquefied natural gas
Time zone: GMT + 3
International dialing code: +967
Currency: 1 Yemen Riyal (YER) = USD 0
Country briefing
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Yemen has a long history, occupying a key location along the ancient spice routes at the crossroads of the Middle East, Africa and Asia. The 20th century was troublesome for Yemen, plagued by civil war and poverty.
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