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Fast Facts
Official Name: N.A.
Population: 4.4 million (UN, 2010)
Capital: East Jerusalem (intended), Ramallah and Gaza (admi
Government: N.A.
Leaders: President Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian Authority (governs the West Bank), Prime Minister Ismail Haniyya, Hamas (governs Gaza)
Religion: West Bank: Muslim 75%, Jewish 17%, Christian and other 8%; Gaza Strip: Muslim 99,3%, Christian 0.7%
Languages: Arabic, Hebrew, English (widely understood)
GDP: $12.79 billion (2009 est. CIA World Factbook)
GDP/Capita: $2,900 (2008 est.)
Main exports: Stone, olives, fruit, vegetables, limestone
Time zone: GMT + 2
International dialing code: +970
Currency: 1 Israeli Shekel (ILS) = USD 8
Country briefing
Palestinian Terr. flag
Not yet a sovereign state, although it recently applied to become a permanent member of the UN, the Palestinian Territories still has a strong sense of national identity. It is an ancient civilization that spans millennia, which has been at the center of Middle East politics for almost 100 years, and continues to be a source of contention. Much of its problems stem from the conflict between the Palestinians and Israel, particularly rooted in the 1948 declaration of Israel as an independent state.