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Fast Facts
Official Name: Republic of Iraq
Population: 31 million (UN, 2010)
Capital: Baghdad
Government: Parliamentary democracy
Leaders: Haider al-Abadi (Prime Minister), Fouad Massoum (President)
Religion: Muslim 97% (majority are Shia)
Languages: Arabic and Kurdish
GDP: $113.4 billion (CIA, 2010 est.)
GDP/Capita: $3,800 (CIA, 2010 est.)
Main exports: Crude oil, crude materials excluding fuels, food and live animals
Time zone: GMT + 3
International dialing code: +964
Currency: 1 Iraqi Dinar (IQD) = USD 8
Country briefing
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Iraq has suffered extensively from political turmoil during most of its modern days. Having been under Ottoman rule for nearly four centuries, Iraq failed to establish itself as a sovereign state when the Ottoman Empire collapsed in the early 20th century and ultimately came under British control during World War I. Britain installed Faisal as king, much due to the fact that his family cooperated with them during their struggles with the Turks.