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Fast Facts
Official Name: Arab Republic of Egypt
Population: 80 million
Capital: Cairo
Government: Republic
Leaders: Abdul Fatah al-Sisi
Religion: Muslim 90% (Sunni dominated), 9% Coptic
Languages: Arabic if the official language. Both English and French tend to be understood among the educated classes
GDP: $497.8 billion (CIA 2010 est.)
GDP/Capita: $6200 (CIA 2010 est.)
Main exports: crude oil, petroleum products, cotton, textiles, metal products, chemicals, processed food (source: CIA)
Time zone: GMT + 2
International dialing code: 20
Currency: 1 Egyptian Pound (EGP) = USD 8
Country briefing
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Egypt is the Arab country that has attracted most interest from the rest of the world. History books witness of an enduring power, where the first kingdom arose as early as 3200 B.C. Dynasties and empires have ruled here, from the Persians to the Romans and the British. A great deal of its historic heritage has survived for millennia. Before the revolution in early 2011, leading to a drop in visitors, Egypt had 11 million visitors annually, making it a tourism hotspot.