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Dalia  Ghanem-Yazbeck
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Dalia Ghanem-Yazbeck

Dr Dalia Ghanem-Yazbeck is a research analyst at the Carnegie Middle East Center in Beirut. She is an expert on extreme violence, and terrorism, with a focus on Islamism and jihadism in Algeria. She has been a guest speaker in various conferences and she has published on political and extremist violence, including work on Islamism in Algeria, the DRS and the "pouvoir" but also on the participation of women in jihadi groups and articles about the Islamic State.
Latest articles by Dalia Ghanem-Yazbeck:
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Sa'ed Atshan

Sa'ed Atshan

Sa'ed is a post-doctoral fellow at Brown University and Lecturer in Peace and Justice Studies at Tufts University.
Saeed Ghasseminejad

Saeed Ghasseminejad

Saeed Ghasseminejad is Director of the Iranian Center for liberalism studies (ICLS). He is a frequent contributor to various TV, radio shows and journals including...
Latest articles by Saeed Ghasseminejad:
Safa Mubgar

Safa Mubgar @Saphsaf

Safa is founder member and Chair of the London based NGO Independent Yemen Group.
Saghi Laghaie

Saghi Laghaie

Saghi is an Iran journalist. She has worked for many banned media and newspapers in Iran, and been arrested several times due to her activities for women rights in the country.
Said Hamideh

Said Hamideh @SaidHamideh

Said is a Public Relations and Marketing consultant specializing in early tech ventures. Said has worked with numerous start-ups in the Middle East and the United...
Latest articles by Said Hamideh:
Saladdin Ahmed

Saladdin Ahmed @sKajarvzad

Saladdin Ahmed is an assistant professor of Philosophy at Mardin Artuklu University in Turkey. His research interests include philosophy of space, Critical Theory,...
Salim Essaid

Salim Essaid @SalimEssaid

Salim is a journalist, currently working with video productions for Time magazine. He is a graduate of Columbia School of Journalism.
Salim  Salamah

Salim Salamah @salim_syr

Salim is a spokesperson for the Palestinian League for Human Rights and a blogger currently based in Sweden, having fled his native Syria because of the war.
Sam Hailes

Sam Hailes @samhailes

Sam Hailes, 23, is a freelance journalist living in England. He works part time at the media department of Christian Friends of Israel (CFI-UK).
Latest articles by Sam Hailes:
Sam Khanlari

Sam Khanlari @khanlari

Sam is currently co-editor of the Iran, Iraq, & Turkey pages at Muftah and operates as a freelance journalist based in Canada. Sam holds an Hon. B.A from the...
Sam Morris

Sam Morris

Sam Morris is Project Director of The Next Century Foundation and has recently spent time in Gaza. 
Sam Tawil

Sam Tawil

"Sam Tawil" is the pen name of a Palestinian with family in Gaza. Sam is currently working in a prominent international human rights organisation. He uses...
Samantha Dancy

Samantha Dancy @samanthaDancy

Samantha Dancy is author of the travel blog Footsteps of a Wanderer (, which provides travel and adventure tips, advice, recommendations...
Samantha  Maloof

Samantha Maloof

Samantha is a Cairo-based graduate in International Relations, who is currently working as a research assistant in a small think tank looking at development and...
Latest articles by Samantha Maloof:
Samantha North

Samantha North @placesbrands

Samantha is a British freelance journalist based in Istanbul. She writes for Al Jazeera English, the Telegraph, and several other outlets.
Sami  Chatti

Sami Chatti

Sami is an Assistant Professor at University of Manouba, Tunisia.
Latest articles by Sami Chatti:
Samuel Perriman

Samuel Perriman @SamuelPerriman

Samuel is a producer at the International Media Associates.
Latest articles by Samuel Perriman:
Sana Uqba

Sana Uqba @Sanasiino

Sana Uqba is a Yemeni writer, public speaker and freelance journalist currently based and working in London.
Latest articles by Sana Uqba:
Sara Elizabeth Williams

Sara Elizabeth Williams @saraewilliams

Sara is a freelance journalist currently in Lebanon.
Sarah al-Hamad

Sarah al-Hamad @salhamad1

Sarah champions Gulf cuisine and culture via Cardamom and Lime: Recipes from the Arabian Gulf and the freshly baked Sun Bread and Sticky Toffee: Date Desserts from...
Latest articles by Sarah al-Hamad:
Sarah Elzeini

Sarah Elzeini @SarahElzeini

Sarah is currently affiliated with Foreign Policy Association in New York, and has recently returned from Qatar where she worked in the Center for International...
Latest articles by Sarah Elzeini:
Sarah Peguine

Sarah Peguine @OHSOARTY

Sarah is an Israeli art enthusiast who runs the blog Oh So Arty, a platform that aims to make Israeli contemporary art accessible to all. Follow her work on Facebook at Art Galleries in Tel Aviv.
Sarah Price

Sarah Price @LADreamr

Sarah is a freelance journalist and contributing reporter for Time Magazine, covering the Middle East. Nominee for 2012 Los Angeles Press Club award for hard news.
Sarosh Zaiwalla

Sarosh Zaiwalla

Sarosh is Founder and Senior Partner at Zaiwalla & Co Solicitors.
Sazan Mandalawi

Sazan Mandalawi @Sazan_Mandalawi

Sazan is a Kurdish trainer, author, blogger, and volunteer.
Scott Lucas

Scott Lucas

Scott is Professor of International Politics at University of Birmingham
Sebnem Kalemli-Özcan

Sebnem Kalemli-Özcan

Ṣebnem Kalemli-Özcan, Professor of Economics at the University of Maryland, College Park, is Senior Resident Scholar at the International Monetary Fund, a...
Latest articles by Sebnem Kalemli-Özcan:
Selina Bieber

Selina Bieber @selinabieber

Selina is a cosmopolitan Australian currently living, working and studying in Istanbul. With a background in media and communications across several sectors, Selina...
Sham Jaff

Sham Jaff @butifulabsurdt

Sham Jaff is a passionate student of Political Science and Middle East Studies in the heart of Bavaria, Germany. Read more from her on the blog
Shams Ahsan

Shams Ahsan

Shams, a winner of the 2006 journalism fellowship of the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ), is Managing Editor at Saudi Gazette, Saudi Arabia's leading...
Shannon Ebrahim

Shannon Ebrahim

Shannon is a South African freelance journalist and columnist.
Latest articles by Shannon Ebrahim:
Shashank Joshi

Shashank Joshi @shashj

Shashank is a research fellow at the Royal United Services Institute in London and a doctoral student at Harvard University
Latest articles by Shashank Joshi:
Shatha Al-Harazi

Shatha Al-Harazi @shathaalharazi

Shatha is a recipient of the Vital Voices Global Leadership Award. She is a social media activist and a political and human rights journalist. Shatha has reported...
Shehnaz Haqqani

Shehnaz Haqqani @qrratugai

Shehnaz is an Islamic Studies PhD student at the University of Texas at Austin. Her interests include Islamic feminism, gender and sexuality in Islamic law, and...
Latest articles by Shehnaz Haqqani:
Sheyma Buali

Sheyma Buali @sheymab

Sheyma is a London-based writer and researcher with a focus on visual arts, cinema and urbanism in the Middle East.
Shorouk El Hariry

Shorouk El Hariry

Shorouk is based in Cairo and a regular contributor to Your Middle East.
Silvia Casagrande

Silvia Casagrande

Silvia Casagrande is a London-based freelance writer and researcher, with an academic background in International Relations & Diplomacy and a MA in Conflict...
Simon A. Waldman & Emre Caliskan

Simon A. Waldman & Emre Caliskan

Simon A. Waldman is Lecturer in Middle Eastern Studies at King’s College London. Emre Caliskan is a journalist and PhD candidate at the University of Oxford....
Latest articles by Simon A. Waldman & Emre Caliskan:
Sinem Tezyapar

Sinem Tezyapar @SinemTezyapar

Sinem is a political and religious commentator from Turkey, and an executive producer at a Turkish TV network. She is also the spokesperson of a prominent international...
Sofia Barbarani

Sofia Barbarani @SofiaBarbarani

Sofia Barbarani is a freelance journalist based in Erbil, Iraq. She has an MA in Middle East and Mediterranean Studies, King’s College London and in International...
Sofia  Patel

Sofia Patel @laramimi

Sofia recently graduated from SOAS with a distinction in MA in Near and Middle Eastern Studies, and she holds a BA in Spanish and Arabic from the University of Manchester....
Latest articles by Sofia Patel:
Sonia Mansour Robaey

Sonia Mansour Robaey

Sonia Mansour Robaey is an assistant professor at Saint Paul University, Ottawa, where she teaches Philosophy and Ethics. Sonia holds a PhD in life and health science and a PhD in philosophy. 
Latest articles by Sonia Mansour Robaey:
Sophia Baraket

Sophia Baraket

Sophia is a photojournalist based in Tunis, covering a broad range of issues, always centering around people's lives. Check out Sophia's work on her website...
Latest articles by Sophia Baraket:
Sophie Anmuth

Sophie Anmuth @tweesop

Sophie is a french journalist based in Cairo. She blogs for Slate Afrique:
Latest articles by Sophie Anmuth:
ST McNeil

ST McNeil

ST McNeil is an environmental convergence journalism. He is also a research assistant with the Institute of the Environment’s Strategic Environmental Research...
Stefania D'Ignoti

Stefania D'Ignoti @stef_dgn

Stefania is a multimedia journalist and student at Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism. She is also a recent graduate of Sciences Po Paris,...
Latest articles by Stefania D'Ignoti:
Stephane J Baele

Stephane J Baele

Stephane is deputy director of the Centre for Advanced International Studies at the University of Exeter.
Latest articles by Stephane J Baele:
Stephen Clement

Stephen Clement

Stephen is a researcher currently writing for The Henry Mayhew Foundation.
Latest articles by Stephen Clement:
Stephen Mezias

Stephen Mezias

Stephen Mezias is Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise at INSEAD.
Latest articles by Stephen Mezias:
Stephen  Rubin

Stephen Rubin @TheRealRubin

Stephen is an independent writer and researcher based in Tel Aviv, Israel. He is a frequent contributor to The Boston Herald, Yedioth Ahronot and Your Middle East.
Svante E. Cornell

Svante E. Cornell

Svante is Director of the Central Asia-Caucasus Institute & Silk Road Studies Program Joint Center, and Publisher of the Turkey Analyst. He is the author of...
Latest articles by Svante E. Cornell: