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Dalia  Ghanem-Yazbeck
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Dalia Ghanem-Yazbeck

Dr Dalia Ghanem-Yazbeck is a research analyst at the Carnegie Middle East Center in Beirut. She is an expert on extreme violence, and terrorism, with a focus on Islamism and jihadism in Algeria. She has been a guest speaker in various conferences and she has published on political and extremist violence, including work on Islamism in Algeria, the DRS and the "pouvoir" but also on the participation of women in jihadi groups and articles about the Islamic State.
Latest articles by Dalia Ghanem-Yazbeck:
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Macidegül Batmaz

Macidegül Batmaz

Macidegül Batmaz is a writer, graduate of literature and language, and a student of history from Izmir, Turkey.
Latest articles by Macidegül Batmaz:
Madeline Edwards

Madeline Edwards

Madeline is an International Studies student at the College of Charleston currently spending a year abroad in Amman, Jordan, where she hopes to return following...
Latest articles by Madeline Edwards:
Magdi Abdelhadi

Magdi Abdelhadi @maegdi

Magdi is a freelance writer and broadcaster and former Arab affairs analyst for the BBC. Visit his blog
Maher Hakim

Maher Hakim

Maher is Associate Professor in Innovation Entrepreneurship at Carnegie Mellon University Qatar.
Latest articles by Maher Hakim:
Mahmoud Mansi

Mahmoud Mansi

Mahmoud is an HR Specialist at The Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport. He is also CEO of The Forgotten Writers Initiative in Egypt.
Latest articles by Mahmoud Mansi:
Mai Nguyen-Phuong-Mai

Mai Nguyen-Phuong-Mai

Mai is an Associate Professor at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands. In 2012, she followed the historical expansion of Islam, from exactly...
Malika Giles

Malika Giles @Malika_Giles

Malika is a freelance journalist working in Hatay Province, southern Turkey. She is a recent graduate of University College London, where she was editor of the university magazine.
Mandy Sinclair

Mandy Sinclair

Mandy is a Marrakech-based writer and public relations/events planner.
Manel  Zouabi

Manel Zouabi

Manel is a doctoral researcher in Women's Studies at the University of York.
Manuel Langendorf

Manuel Langendorf @m_langendorf

Manuel is a political analyst and editor. He is the Middle East Editor at Fair Observer and a member of the Board of Directors. Langendorf is currently working on...
Latest articles by Manuel Langendorf:
Marc Owen Jones

Marc Owen Jones @marcowenjones

Marc Owen Jones partly grew up in Bahrain, and has since lived in Sudan, Syria, Prague and the UK. He is currently a PhD candidate at Durham University, researching...
Marcia Lynx Qualey

Marcia Lynx Qualey @arablit

Marcia is a writer and reader who runs a popular blog on Arab Literature, a subject that she also covers for Your Middle East in her biweekly column. Visit:
Marco Livadiotti

Marco Livadiotti

Marco is a consultant for the Yemeni Ministries of Tourism and Environment, and has lived in Yemen most of his life. He is passionate about Arab architecture and...
Maria Khwaja Bazi

Maria Khwaja Bazi @mariakhwaja

Maria is the Founder of Elun, a nonprofit organization dedicated to teacher education in the developing world. She is currently working with several training projects...
Marianna Charountaki

Marianna Charountaki

Dr. Marianna Charountaki is a post-doctoral fellow at Reading University (UK). Her research interests range from international relations and foreign policy analysis...
Latest articles by Marianna Charountaki:
Marietje  Schaake

Marietje Schaake @MarietjeD66

Marietje is a Member of the European Parliament for the Dutch Democratic Party. She serves on the Committee on Foreign Affairs, where she focuses on neighbourhood...
Marina Chamma

Marina Chamma @eyeontheeast

Marina Chamma is a freelance writer and blogger at She blogs on politics, society and culture in Lebanon and broader Arab world.
Marina Nemat

Marina Nemat @MarinaNemat

Marina was born in 1965 in Tehran. After the Islamic Revolution of 1979, she was arrested at the age of sixteen and spent more than two years in Evin, a political...
Mariwan Salihi

Mariwan Salihi

Mariwan is a Dutch-Iraqi freelance journalist and photographer who is currently based in Kuwait. His writings have been published in media outlets such as The National,...
Latest articles by Mariwan Salihi:
Marouane Bakit

Marouane Bakit @Marouane_bakit

Marouane is a journalist and activist in Libya.
Marvin Zonis

Marvin Zonis

Marvin Zonis is an American global political economist and expert on Middle Eastern politics and history and an emeritus professor at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.
Mary Mitchell

Mary Mitchell @mary_mitch

Mary is a digital storyteller, content strategist at White Fuse Media, and PhD student in Media Arts at Royal Holloway University of London. She has worked extensively...
Maryam  Elika Ansari

Maryam Elika Ansari

Maryam is an Iranian St Andrews graduate in International relations and Classical studies. She is currently completing an MA called Crossways in Cultural Narratives....
Massarah Mikati

Massarah Mikati

Massarah is a fourth-year honors student at The Ohio State University, triple majoring in journalism, Middle East studies and Francophone studies. The daughter of...
Latest articles by Massarah Mikati:
Matthias Krug

Matthias Krug

Dr. Matthias Krug ( is a Doha-born novelist and journalist who has written for top international media around the world. His latest novel is entitled...
Latest articles by Matthias Krug:
Maureen Ahmed

Maureen Ahmed @Maureen_Ahmed

Maureen is a dedicated feminist with demonstrated success for advocating on behalf of women, inner-city youth and communities of colour within the NYC region and...
Maya Norton

Maya Norton @mayanorton

Maya is a nonprofit fundraiser for an Arab-Jewish organization in Israel. Through her writing, she seeks to bring forth the first person perspective of daily life...
Mayar Kotb

Mayar Kotb

Mayar Kotb is a Cairo-based freelance writer. She is also the recipient of the SOAS Faculty of Arts and Humanities Scholarship. Her main focus is on the culture...
Maysam Behravesh

Maysam Behravesh @MaysamBehravesh

Maysam is a Ph.D. Candidate in Political Science at Lund University, Sweden, and the Editorial Assistant of the journal Cooperation and Conflict (Sage):
Maysam Bizær

Maysam Bizær @m_bizar

Maysam works with Global Market Development at Mofid Securities. He has previously been Editor-in-Chief of the Iran Desk at Press TV's Website Department, and...
Mégo Terzian

Mégo Terzian @MSF

Dr Mégo Terzian is President of Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF).
Latest articles by Mégo Terzian:
Meer Ako Ali

Meer Ako Ali @MyMamosta

Meer Ako Ali is a Kurdish columnist with polymath aspirations, volunteerism passions, and photography side-skills. He is currently a MEPI Scholar at the American...
Mehdi Khalaji

Mehdi Khalaji

Mehdi Khalaji is a senior fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.
Latest articles by Mehdi Khalaji:
Mehmet Ozkan

Mehmet Ozkan @_MehmetOzkan

Mehmet currently works as a Researcher at SETA Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research in Ankara, Turkey. He is also the author of Foreign Policy...
Latest articles by Mehmet Ozkan:
Melike E. Boylan

Melike E. Boylan

Melike is a PhD candidate in Sociology at Middle Eastern Technical University. She is currently writing a book on the limits of humor in Turkey.
Latest articles by Melike E. Boylan:
Melissa Etehad

Melissa Etehad @melissaetehad

Melissa is an Iranian-American researcher and writer on Middle East affairs. Melissa previously worked with the Project on Middle East Democracy as an Iran Programs intern.
Latest articles by Melissa Etehad:
Melissa Sleiman

Melissa Sleiman

Melissa is a Dubai-based journalist.
Latest articles by Melissa Sleiman:
Melissa Tabeek

Melissa Tabeek @tabeekmelissa

Melissa Tabeek is a freelance journalist based in Amman, Jordan.
Melvyn Ingleby

Melvyn Ingleby

Melvyn is a Masters student in Political Theory at the École Normale Supérieure in Paris, currently based in Istanbul. He has worked as a producer...
Mervat Diab

Mervat Diab

Mervat Diab is assistant chief editor of Ahram newspaper. She is a political analyst of Middle East issues.
Latest articles by Mervat Diab:
Michael Bröning

Michael Bröning

Michael Bröning is director of the East Jerusalem office of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, a political foundation affiliated with Germany’s Social Democratic...
Michael Sharnoff

Michael Sharnoff @MichaelSharnoff

Dr. Michael Sharnoff is an Associate Professor at Daniel Morgan Academy. The views expressed are his and do not reflect the views of the school.
Michael Wilner

Michael Wilner

Michael is a Hindery Fellow at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism.
Michelle Pace

Michelle Pace

Michelle is Professor with Special Responsibilities at the University of Roskilde’s Department of Society and Globalisation. Her main areas of research include...
Mikael  Strandberg

Mikael Strandberg

Mikael is an explorer, filmmaker, lecturer and motivational speaker. He is considered “the best contemporary explorer in the world” at present by the Explorers Club in London.
Latest articles by Mikael Strandberg:
Minying Huang

Minying Huang @minyingh

Minying is a Spanish and Arabic student at the University of Oxford, currently studying for a year in Amman, Jordan.
Mishka Mojabber Mourani

Mishka Mojabber Mourani

Mishka Mojabber Mourani was born in Egypt of Greek and Lebanese parents, and has lived in Australia. Mishka speaks five languages and has published a number of short...
Moha Ennaji

Moha Ennaji

Moha is President of the South North Center for Intercultural Dialogue and Migration Studies in Morocco. He is professor of gender and cultural studies at Fès...
Mohamed Akinou

Mohamed Akinou @Akinoumed

Mohamed is a freelance journalist based in Morocco.
Mohamed Belmaaza

Mohamed Belmaaza @Pirouri

Mohamed Belmaaza is a Paris-based business student interested in culture, politics, and Middle Eastern art. He tweets in French, Arabic, and Hebrew.
Latest articles by Mohamed Belmaaza:
Mohamed Chtatou

Mohamed Chtatou

Dr. Chtatou is a Professor at the university in Rabat. He is currently a political analyst with Moroccan, Saudi and British media on politics and culture in the...
Mohamed Eljarh

Mohamed Eljarh @Eljarh

Mohamed Eljarh is a UK based Libyan academic researcher and political, social development activist. He is from the city of Tobruk in Eastern Libya. Email him at:
Mohamed Hemish

Mohamed Hemish @MohamedHemish

Mohamed is a freelance writer currently based in Istanbul who has written for The Atlantic, Aslan Media and others.
Mohamed Seif El Nasr

Mohamed Seif El Nasr

Mohamed is an Egyptian with an academic background in History and Public International Law. You can reach him at:
Latest articles by Mohamed Seif El Nasr:
Mohamed Selim

Mohamed Selim @moselim

A journalism and mass communication lecturer for 6 years at the American University in Cairo, Mohamed is currently pursuing a doctorate in Germany where he also...
Mohamed Zaied

Mohamed Zaied

Mohamed is Arab-Libyan and a Doctoral Candidate in International Relations at the Geneva School of Diplomacy. He served with the opposition forces during the Libyan revolution.
Mohamed Zayed

Mohamed Zayed @mozayed85

Mohamed Zayed is a Middle East Researcher Contributor at the Centre for Policy and Research on Turkey in London, UK. He has a B.S. in education and arts from Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt.
Mohammad Al-Saidi

Mohammad Al-Saidi

Mohammad is a senior researcher and lecturer in environmental governance at the Institute for Technology in the Tropics (ITT) in Cologne, Germany. He holds a Ph.D....
Mohammad Almutawa

Mohammad Almutawa @m_watan_

Mohammad Almutawa is a research Assistant at an Economic Research Department at a bank in Kuwait.
Mohammad Sagha

Mohammad Sagha @mosagha

Mohammad Sagha is a graduate student in the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Chicago (CMES) and the Managing Editor of “Lights,”...
Latest articles by Mohammad Sagha:
Mohammad Sakhnini

Mohammad Sakhnini

Dr Mohammad Sakhnini completed his PhD in English literature at the University of Exeter, UK. His first book will explore Britain's literary and cultural interactions...
Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou

Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou

Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou is Head of the Middle East and North Africa Program at the Geneva Center for Security Policy and a visiting professor at Geneva’s...
Latest articles by Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou:
Mohammed Akacem

Mohammed Akacem

Mohammed is Professor of Economics at Metropolitan State University of Denver.
Mohammed El Serfy

Mohammed El Serfy

Mohammed works with RSC Africa to help refugees get resettlement to the US. He graduated with a bachelor degree in law as well as a masters in international law. He was born in Cairo, Egypt.
Latest articles by Mohammed El Serfy:
Mohammed Akacem and Dennis D Miller

Mohammed Akacem and Dennis D Miller

Mohammed Akacem (right) is professor of Economics at Metropolitan State University of Denver. Dennis D Miller (left) is professor of Economics at Baldwin Wallace...
Latest articles by Mohammed Akacem and Dennis D Miller:
Mojtaba Nafisi

Mojtaba Nafisi

"Mojtaba Nafisi" is a PhD student in architectural history and theory. He writes under a pen name for security reasons.
Molly Lower

Molly Lower

Molly is an MA student in Middle Eastern studies at Tel Aviv university. She is currently working as an intern for Women's Voices Now, a Los Angeles-based NGO...
Morane Barkai

Morane Barkai @BarKing_M

Morane is a freelance journalist and editor based in Amsterdam.
Muhammad Moneib

Muhammad Moneib

Muhammad is a computer engineer living in Cairo, Egypt.
Muhammad Waqas

Muhammad Waqas

Muhammad is a freelance writer focusing on business and economy related topics.
Muhammad Zulfikar Rakhmat

Muhammad Zulfikar Rakhmat

Muhammad has lived in the Middle East for eight years. He holds a B.A. in International Affairs from Qatar University and is currently pursuing an M.A. in International...
Munir Atalla

Munir Atalla @MunirAtalla

Munir is a Palestinian-Jordanian currently at Tufts University. He is a columnist at OpenDemocracy. Munir worked as an intern at the Your Middle East office during the summer of 2012.
Murat Ulgul

Murat Ulgul

Dr. Ulgul is a researcher at Karadeniz Technical Universit in Turkey.
Musa al-Gharbi

Musa al-Gharbi @Musa_alGharbi

Musa is a research fellow with the Southwest Initiative for the Study of Middle East Conflicts (SISMEC) and an instructor in the School of Government and Public...
Myriam Francois-Cerrah

Myriam Francois-Cerrah @MFrancoisCerrah

Myriam Francois-Cerrah is a post-graduate researcher (DPhil) at Oxford University, focusing on Islamic movements in Morocco, and teaches Middle East politics. Myriam...
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