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Dalia  Ghanem-Yazbeck
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Dalia Ghanem-Yazbeck

Dr Dalia Ghanem-Yazbeck is a research analyst at the Carnegie Middle East Center in Beirut. She is an expert on extreme violence, and terrorism, with a focus on Islamism and jihadism in Algeria. She has been a guest speaker in various conferences and she has published on political and extremist violence, including work on Islamism in Algeria, the DRS and the "pouvoir" but also on the participation of women in jihadi groups and articles about the Islamic State.
Latest articles by Dalia Ghanem-Yazbeck:
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Dafne van Baarle

Dafne van Baarle

Dafne studied Arabic Language and Culture in The Netherlands. She lived, worked and travels extensively in the Middle East. She blogs about the region (in Dutch) on
Dalia  Ghanem-Yazbeck

Dalia Ghanem-Yazbeck @DaliaGhanemYazb

Dr Dalia Ghanem-Yazbeck is a research analyst at the Carnegie Middle East Center in Beirut. She is an expert on extreme violence, and terrorism, with a focus on...
Latest articles by Dalia Ghanem-Yazbeck:
Dalia Rabie

Dalia Rabie @deerabie

Dalia is a journalist based in Cairo. She worked as the Features Editor for Daily News Egypt where she covered topics ranging from politics to culture and lifestyle,...
Dalila Mahdawi

Dalila Mahdawi @DalilaMahdawi

Dalila is a human rights journalist based in Beirut and London. She currently works at the Lebanese American University.
Dallia M. Abdelmoniem

Dallia M. Abdelmoniem @dalliasd

Dallia M. Abdelmoniem is a Sudanese journalist based in Egypt. Her interests include international politics and pop culture, and has written extensively on Egypt...
Damian  Radcliffe

Damian Radcliffe @damianradcliffe

Damian is a digital analyst, journalist and researcher with 20 years of experience in editorial, research and policy positions. He writes regularly about digital...
Damon Golriz

Damon Golriz @DamonGolriz

Damon Golriz is an Iranian-Dutch political commentator. He is a lecturer at The Hague University of applied sciences and a fellow of the research group International Peace, Justice and Security.
Dana Ballout

Dana Ballout @danaballout961

Dana Ballout is a Lebanese-American journalist who recently completed a MSJ degree from Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern. Her main concentration...
Latest articles by Dana Ballout:
Danah Abdullah

Danah Abdullah @kalimatkalimat

Danah is the co-founder of Kalimat Magazine.
Latest articles by Danah Abdullah:
Daniel Noah Moses

Daniel Noah Moses

Dr Daniel Noah Moses is the Director of Educator Programs at Seeds of Peace. He lives in Jerusalem.
Daniel Nour

Daniel Nour @daniel_nour

Daniel Nour is a journalist with experience in radio, print and TV. He has a degree in Media and Communications from Sydney University and a major in Arabic and...
Daoud Kuttab

Daoud Kuttab @daoudkuttab

Daoud, a former professor of journalism at Princeton University, is General Manager of the Community Media Network in Amman.
David B. Roberts

David B. Roberts @thegulfblog

David B. Roberts is the Director of RUSI Qatar and is the author of an upcoming book on Qatar’s foreign and security policy. His blog can be found at
Latest articles by David B. Roberts:
David Ha'ivri

David Ha'ivri @haivri

David is an Israeli writer and speaker. He is a settler and deals with international affairs on behalf of the Jewish communities in the West Bank.
David Zohar

David Zohar

Ambassador (ret.) David Zohar served for 40 years as an Israeli diplomat in Nepal, India, USA, Norway, Egypt, the Gulf and at the United Nations in New York. He...
Latest articles by David Zohar:
Deen Sharp

Deen Sharp @deensharp

Deen is a PhD candidate at CUNY-GC in Earth and Environmental Science. He wrote a series for Your Middle East on Urban processes in the region, read more here:
Denijal Jegić

Denijal Jegić

Denijal Jegić is a PhD candidate in Transnational American Studies at JGU (Mainz). He currently resides in Beirut, Lebanon.
Deniz Çifçi

Deniz Çifçi

Dr. Deniz Çifçi is a Middle East analyst at the Centre for Turkey Studies in London.
Latest articles by Deniz Çifçi :
Diaa Aljurdy

Diaa Aljurdy

Diaa is a Lebanese freelance journalist based in Beirut.
Dilar Dirik

Dilar Dirik @DilarDirik

Dilar Dirik is a Kurdish blogger born in Antakya, Turkey.
Dina Abi Farraj

Dina Abi Farraj

Dina is a Beirut-based member of Your Middle East's Ambassadors' Network.
Latest articles by Dina Abi Farraj :
Dina K. Hussein

Dina K. Hussein

Dina K. Hussein is the opinion editor of Egypt Independent. She is also a history PhD candidate at Georgetown University.
Dina Yazdani

Dina Yazdani @_DinaYazdani

Dina studies International Affairs at Lewis & Clark College, and aspires to be a journalist based out of the Middle East. She is currently a news team member...
Djamila Ould Khettab

Djamila Ould Khettab @DJouldkhettab

Djamila is a graduate from Sciences Po and obtained her Master's degree in bilingual English-French Journalism at Sorbonne University. She has written for Jeune...
Dmitriy Frolovskiy

Dmitriy Frolovskiy

Dmitriy is a researcher who specializes in the Middle East and Russia. He has worked and studied in Russia for many years. He also spent part of his career studying...
Domhnall O'Sullivan

Domhnall O'Sullivan

Domhnall holds a MA in EU International Relations and Diplomacy from the College of Europe, Bruges. He is a researcher specializing in MENA issues and will be based in Beirut from February 2014.
Dominic Bowen

Dominic Bowen @dominicbowen

Dominic Bowen is a humanitarian specialist currently working in the Middle East, with experience in several conflict environments including Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan....
Latest articles by Dominic Bowen:
Douglas Murray

Douglas Murray

Douglas Murray is the Associate Director at the Henry Jackson Society. He previously founded the Centre for Social Cohesion, a think tank studying extremism and...
Latest articles by Douglas Murray:
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