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Maysam Behravesh
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Maysam Behravesh

Maysam is a Ph.D. Candidate in Political Science at Lund University, Sweden, and the Editorial Assistant of the journal Cooperation and Conflict (Sage):
Latest articles by Maysam Behravesh:
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A.G. Firouz

A.G. Firouz @AGFirouz

An Iranian-American female based in the United States, A.G. Firouz uses her mixed-base nationality to report on the evolving nature of US-Middle East relations and...
Latest articles by A.G. Firouz:
Aaron Magid

Aaron Magid @AaronMagid

Aaron is a graduate student at Harvard University in Middle Eastern Studies. His work has appeared in the New Republic, Al-Monitor, and Haaretz.
Abdalhadi Alijla

Abdalhadi Alijla @Abdalhadihadi

Abdalhadi Alijla is a Palestinian writer, essayist, blogger and a doctoral researcher at University of Milan. A fellow of Soliya network for dialogue and a DAAD...
Abdellah Mallek

Abdellah Mallek @AbdellahMALLEK

Abdellah Mallek is active in the entrepreneurship and startup scenes in Algeria.
Latest articles by Abdellah Mallek:
Abdulhamid Qabbani

Abdulhamid Qabbani

Abdulhamid is a freelance journalist and fellow at the Centre for Syria Studies. Currently he is completing masters in the School of International Relations at St...
Abdulla Hawez

Abdulla Hawez @abdullahawez

Abdulla Hawez is a journalist and blogger based in the Iraqi Kurdistan. He has worked with many local and international media outlets including Al-Jazeera and Turkey's Today's Zaman.
Abeer Ayyoub

Abeer Ayyoub @abeerayyoub

Abeer graduated from the Islamic University of Gaza with a BA in English Literature and has been reporting since 2011 for international media outlets.
Latest articles by Abeer Ayyoub:
Abubakr al-Shamahi

Abubakr al-Shamahi @abubakrabdullah

Abubakr al-Shamahi is a British-Yemeni freelance journalist, and the editor of, a platform for young people to write about the region.
Abul-Hasanat Siddique

Abul-Hasanat Siddique @abul_hasanat

Abul-Hasanat is an author and journalist. He is the Managing Editor at Fair Observer, a US-based nonprofit organization. Abul-Hasanat is co-author of The Arab Uprisings:...
Adam Baron

Adam Baron @adammbaron

Adam is a freelance journalist based in Sanaa, Yemen who reports regularly for the Daily Telegraph, McClatchy Newspapers and the Christian Science Monitor. Follow his blog
Adam Hedengren

Adam Hedengren @AHedengren

Adam is co-founder and managing editor of Your Middle East. He speaks Arabic and has lived in Damascus, Cairo, and most recently Tunis.
Adam Walker

Adam Walker @AdamWalkerGB

Adam holds degrees in both Arabic-Theology and Law respectively. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Middle Eastern history and has delivered lectures and published...
Adela Suliman

Adela Suliman @ASBintBattuta

Adela is a British-Sudanese freelance journalist and has lived in Tripoli since 2012.
Adham Farah

Adham Farah

Adham has written articles for Beyond Magazine and Beirut Times Newspaper and is currently residing in Beirut.
Adnan Abu Amer

Adnan Abu Amer @adnanabuamer1

Adnan is a Palestinian writer living in Gaza. He is the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the National University for Open Education and a political...
Latest articles by Adnan Abu Amer :
Adnan Oktar

Adnan Oktar @adnan_oktar

Under the pen-name Harun Yahya, Mr. Adnan Oktar has authored some 300 books in 73 languages on political, faith-related and scientific issues which have been read...
Latest articles by Adnan Oktar:
Adra El Azzouzi

Adra El Azzouzi

Adra El Azzouzi is a King’s College London postgraduate, with international academic track record in Middle Eastern politics. She currently interns at ECFR...
Adrian Mourby

Adrian Mourby

Adrian is an award-winning writer and producer, who was recently one of the five finalists for the award of UK Travel Journalist of the Year.
Latest articles by Adrian Mourby:
Afef Abrougui

Afef Abrougui @Afaf_TN

Afef Abrougui is a Tunis based freelance journalist and an author for Global Voices Online. She was a former reporter for the free speech NGO Index on Censorship.
Afrah  Nasser

Afrah Nasser @Afrahnasser

Afrah is a Yemeni blogger, writer, graduate student in communication at Gothenburg University in Sweden, and co-founder of @YemeniSalon.
Agaila Abba

Agaila Abba @Agailita

Agaila is a Sahrawi born in the refugee camps in Algeria. She is currently pursuing her studies in Political Science and International Studies with a focus in African...
Ahlam Hamid Al-Watary

Ahlam Hamid Al-Watary

Ahlam is a freelance journalist, writer and English teacher from Sana'a, Yemen.
Latest articles by Ahlam Hamid Al-Watary:
Ahmad Jamal El-Merabi

Ahmad Jamal El-Merabi

Ahmad Jamal El-Merabi holds an MS in Strategic Intelligence with a focus in Middle East Studies; he is currently pursuing an executive MBA from Georgia Tech. He...
Ahmed Al-haddad

Ahmed Al-haddad @AhmdHaddad

Ahmed is a Bahraini researcher and a political and social rights advocate.
Latest articles by Ahmed Al-haddad:
Ahmed Ezz Eldin

Ahmed Ezz Eldin @a_ezz_eldin

Ahmed Ezzeldin is a commentator on Middle Eastern politics and economy. He is a former researcher at TUSIAD competitiveness forum and El Walid Ben Talal American...
Ahmed Kadry

Ahmed Kadry @AhmedKadry

Ahmed is a PhD candidate at the Imperial College of London where he is researching women's socio-political discourse and identity in the 1952 and 2011 Egyptian...
Ahmet Uysal

Ahmet Uysal @auysal5

Dr. Uysal is Associate Professor of Middle Eastern Studies at Marmara University in Istanbul.
Ahu Yigit

Ahu Yigit @AhuYigit1

Ahu is a Kone Foundation fellow. She has published extensively on democratic transitions, culture and modernity in Turkey and the Muslim world. She has previously...
Aisha Habli

Aisha Habli @HyperchickAisha

Aisha Habli works as a public relations and media specialist. She is a peace activist and a member of the Media Association for Peace and MasterPeace Lebanon.
Latest articles by Aisha Habli:
Akil N Awan

Akil N Awan @Akil_N_Awan

Dr. Akil N. Awan is Lecturer in Modern History, Political Violence and Terrorism in both the Department of History and the Department Politics & International...
Al-Hussein Al-Midrat

Al-Hussein Al-Midrat

Al-Hussein Al-Midrat is a member of the Council of Youth Leaders in Agadir, and the director of the electronic newspaper Agadir TV. He studies Arab Culture and Arts at the University of Ibn Zahr.
Latest articles by Al-Hussein Al-Midrat:
Alastair Sloan

Alastair Sloan @alastairsloan

Alastair is a London-based journalist, working for British newspapers The Guardian and The Independent, and more specialist websites like Index on Censorship, Middle...
Alessandra Abbona

Alessandra Abbona @AlessAbbona

Alessandra is an Italian freelance writer. You can follow her work at
Latest articles by Alessandra Abbona:
Alex Malouf

Alex Malouf @alex_malouf

Alex Malouf has lived in the Gulf for almost a decade. He now resides in Dubai.
Alexander Gaute

Alexander Gaute @alexgaute

Alexander is studying to become a teacher, and currently resides in Varanasi, India, to research the use of the Qur’an in Islamic education.
Latest articles by Alexander Gaute:
Alexandra Ivanoff

Alexandra Ivanoff

Alexandra is an American journalist living in Istanbul since 2007. She is a regular contributor to TIME OUT ISTANBUL monthly magazine since 2008 and TODAY'S...
Alexandra Vaughan

Alexandra Vaughan

Alexandra Vaughan lived in Ramallah, working with the Central Elections Commission - Palestine, after spending time last year teaching in Nablus.
Alfred G. Gerteiny

Alfred G. Gerteiny

Alfred is an author, lecturer and consultant on the Middle East, Islam, Terrorism, international security, and the Islamic Republic of Mauritania. He is a former...
Ali Alawi

Ali Alawi

Ali is a Bahraini freelance journalist, and currently works full-time as a public relations coordinator. He works with Bahrain TV on project basis, and was the managing...
Ali Fathollah-Nejad

Ali Fathollah-Nejad

Ali is a German-Iranian political scientist educated at universities in Germany, France and the Netherlands. Currently, he is finalizing his Ph.D. thesis at the...
Latest articles by Ali Fathollah-Nejad:
Ali Kadri

Ali Kadri

Dr Ali Kadri is a Senior Research Fellow at the National University of Singapore’s Middle East Institute. Kadri was visiting fellow in LSE’s Department...
Latest articles by Ali Kadri:
Alia Turki Al-Rabeo

Alia Turki Al-Rabeo @endprejudice

Alia is a journalist. She co-founded Silent Heroes, Invisible Bridges won UN X-Cultural Reporting Award 2010. Besides reporting for regional newspapers, she has...
Latest articles by Alia Turki Al-Rabeo :
Alice Curci

Alice Curci

Alice is studying Middle East and Mediterranean Studies at King's College, London. She is currently doing an internship at Your Middle East and can be reached at
Alina Abouelenin

Alina Abouelenin

Alina is currently pursuing a Masters in Journalism at Columbia University.
Latest articles by Alina Abouelenin:
Alon Ben-Meir

Alon Ben-Meir

Alon Ben-Meir is a professor of international relations at the Center for Global Affairs at NYU. He teaches courses on international negotiation and Middle Eastern...
Amine Ghali

Amine Ghali

Amine Ghali is the Programme Director of Al Kawakibi Democracy Transition Center (KADEM).
Anahita Hosseini

Anahita Hosseini

Anahita has a law degree from Tehran University and is currently studying Middle Eastern Studies at Lund University, Sweden. In Iran she was a student activist and...
Andrea Calabretta

Andrea Calabretta

Andrea is a writer, editor, content strategist, and storyteller. She was previously based in Tunisia. Visit her website:
Anno Bunnik

Anno Bunnik @Eurabist

Anno Bunnik is a Fellow at the Centre for Applied Research in Security Innovation at Liverpool Hope University. Check out his blog
Antonia  Roupell

Antonia Roupell @ataroupell

Antonia is an independent documentary filmmaker and journalist specialising in stories from the MENA region. She is based between London and Beirut.
Arash Armadi

Arash Armadi

"Arash Armadi" is the pseudonym of a teenage Iranian-American who recently lived in Iran to experience the country.
Ardeshir  and Gholam Vatandoust

Ardeshir and Gholam Vatandoust

Ardeshir Vatandoust is a professional engineer in Petroleum and Mining and Dr. Gholam Vatandoust is an Associate Professor of International Relations at the American University of Kuwait.
Latest articles by Ardeshir and Gholam Vatandoust:
Ariel Azoff

Ariel Azoff @ArielAzoff

Ariel is a writer, traveler and occasional entrepreneur. In 2010, she moved to the Middle East to work in international advocacy for the Mossawa Center, the Advocacy...
Armenak Tokmajyan

Armenak Tokmajyan

Armenak Tokmajyan, an Armenian who has lived in Syria, is currently a student at the Master's Degree programme in Peace, Mediation and conflict Resolution at the University of Tampere.
Arshiah Parween

Arshiah Parween

Arshiah is an Indian born and raised in Kuwait. As a Middle Eastern enthusiast her research interests revolve around women issues and education in the region. You...
Latest articles by Arshiah Parween:
Asger Gørup Nielsen

Asger Gørup Nielsen @AsgerGoerup

Asger is a Danish freelance journalist currently based in Beirut. He writes mostly about human rights issues and the overlooked stories in Lebanon. He is educated...
Asli Elitsoy

Asli Elitsoy

Asli is a Ph.D. candidate with the Department of Political Science and Public Administration at Bilkent University in Turkey.
Aslihan Agaoglu

Aslihan Agaoglu @Asli_Agaoglu

Aslihan Agaoglu was born in İstanbul and worked as a lawyer before she moved to England, where she did her MA in creative writing at the University of Kent. She...
Atiaf Zaid Alwazir

Atiaf Zaid Alwazir @womanfromyemen

Atiaf Zaid Alwazir is a researcher and blogger based in Sana'a. She is also a co-founder of the media advocacy group @SupportYemen.
Latest articles by Atiaf Zaid Alwazir :
Avi Zimmerman

Avi Zimmerman @avraham_david

Avi Zimmerman is the international representative of Ariel, an Israeli settlement and city in the West Bank. He is the Executive Director of Ariel Development Fund...
Ayat Mneina

Ayat Mneina @ShababLibya

Ayat Mneina is one of the founding members of the Libyan Youth Movement and the Libyan Youth Forum, both established to help support Libya during and after the revolution...