Aurore Belfrage in Tunis at #YMEstartup
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Aurore Belfrage in Tunis at #YMEstartup
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Last updated: October 15, 2014

#YMEstartup series brings "female Steve Jobs" to big crowd in Tunis

Banner Icon The #YMEstartup roadshow recently arrived at Elgazala Technopark in the Tunisian capital. After successful visits in Istanbul, Dubai, and Amman, it was now Tunisia's time to highlight its entrepreneurial talent.

The event, held at Tunisia's Silicon Valley, welcomed a young and loud crowd. The Tunisian entrepreneurship scene showed it did not lack hostess Aurore Belfrage's key words of "bold and crazy"; one entrepreneur tried charming investors from his seat in the audience, while another cheekingly took a selfie with the Swedish ambassador. At one point, a guest even referred to the moderator, Ms. Belfrage, as (a female) Steve Jobs. Quite the compliment.

See some of the online reactions below: 

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