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Last updated: October 1, 2014

5 easy slides that will help us understand and improve the Gulf job market

Banner Icon High youth unemployment, exclusion of women on the job market and a massive public sector. These are some of the challenges identified in a recent article by Tarek Sultan Al Essa. We put together four images, based on his writing, that will give you a better picture of the Gulf job market's future.

Some key stats:

* 70-80% of locals in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia & UAE work for the government.

* Youth unemployment:

Kuwait: 12%
UAE: 24%
Saudi Arabia: 30%

* 60-70% of university graduates in the GCC are women. But there’s only 12-40% women in the workforce...

* 70% of employed workers in GCC countries are foreigners. Many face bad conditions. Foreign workers outnumber locals by 44:1 in Kuwait, 99: 1 in Qatar and 9:1 in Saudi Arabia.

See solutions in the slides above...

Sources: Agility and World Economic Forum.

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